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Gamers always thinking how to convert their experience into profit. Some of them choose gambling, others participate in tournaments while others choose to write guide about particular game. That’s what I’m going to talk about in this short blog.

The main idea of game guide is to give for the reader relevant information that couldn’t be find online. As you know there are so much information that is hard to write something super fascinating or new.  However, if game guides wouldn’t be successful, I would not talk about it.


What u need to do?

  • Keep in mind that there are different forms of it: you could write eBook, put video guide in YouTube or create website that contains some payable information.
  • Be ready to meet some difficulties and keep in mind that u are not only one who decided to write about games and share your valuable information. Competition is bigger than u could imagine. So u better say something new or don’t start.
  • U should understand how to talk about things and how to write that the text will be informative but at the same time engaging. Don’t write for writing – say only the things that are important.
  • Find the game that is popular and well known worldwide. It could be, for example, CS GO (I was writing about this one). This will brings u bigger chance that beginners will be interested in your guide. More players – more interest.

I hope I made my point clear and u will follow my short guidance.

Keep tuned!

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