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Most common myths about teeth

There are a lot of fake facts about tooth care, illness and of course visits to a dentist. We represent you the main aspects and lies about teeth. If you want to have a perfect oral condition we would recommend you to see an oral surgeon (Dublin). Professional with a lot of experience would help you to eliminate all the problems and myths.


Brushing teeth harder means better oral care

It is one of the most common myths with which people face. It is recommended to have a usually medium soft toothbrush. If you would use the harder brush and more pressure to clean your teeth it could damage your enamel and gums. It also could lead to bleeding gums that could cause infection.


My toothbrush looks fine so I will not change it

It wrong decision does not change your toothbrush because in a visual way it looks fine. Oral surgeon (Dublin) it’s a good choice for those who have more questions about personal tooth care. You should change your toothbrush approximately one time per month because if you will not the level of bacteria on your toothbrush will increase very fast.


I brush my teeth regularly so I don’t need to floss it

It is the common mistake – it is not enough just to brush your teeth twice per day. You need to floss it. This combination of flossing and brushing your teeth could be a good prevention from gums inflammation and other oral diseases.


Teeth whitening is dangerous

If you will have an oral surgeon (Dublin) there will be no worries that your whitening procedure will cause some risk. If you will have a visit to the reliable dentist or oral specialist there will be no risk to damage your enamel. Also, it could happen if you will not follow instructions of teeth whitening home.


I will not eat sugar so my teeth will be healthy

Sugar is the common reason for the bad oral condition. If you will stop eating of sweets it does not mean that your teeth will have a perfect condition. To reach the almost perfect one you need to take a visit to an oral surgeon (Dublin). There are some illnesses, another type of food and bad habits that could lead to damaged enamel or other teeth problems.


We would recommend you to crash the myths of oral hygiene or tooth care together with the professional dentist. He could recommend you the best ways how to take care of your teeth.